February 24, 2010

Three Great Tips!

Why three? Because it’s a magic number!

STYLE TALK– a tip here, a tip there... MY RULE IS THIS– it’s all about your style so use the following STYLE TIPS that work for you!

1) If you are a Passion Goddess wear colors of love year round like: purple, fuchsia, pinks, magenta and reds. These colors really pop with green.

2) To help your clothes maintain their luster longer don’t put them in the dryer. Let them air dry, this applies to any clothing item.

3) Shoes can make or break an outfit. Remember pointy toe shoes look great with narrow pant legs and slim skirts; square-ish toe shoes are flattering worn with wide leg pants and a-line/full skirts; while round toe shoes are usually a safe bet to wear with wide or narrow pant legs and skirts.

December 19, 2009

Holiday Glam!

STYLE TALK– Wearing Holiday fashions are one of my favorite things about the Holiday season. It’s up to you whether you want to be:

  • Super Festive wearing sweaters with your favorite Holiday characters and symbols,
  • Ultra Glam wearing glitzy jewels and lots of metallic items,
  • Low-keyed Festive wearing accent pieces in Holiday colors.
MY RULE IS THIS- Have fun, enjoy and appreciate the creative ways others express their Holiday cheer!

STYLE TIPS– For those who want to keep it more on the trendy side:

  • Wear your favorite Holiday sweater with trendy jeans and footwear. If the sweater is long enough wrap a wide belt around it.
  • Black looks great with colorful and/or shiny bold holiday jewelry and accessories like metallic scarves and hats, rhinestone earrings and pendants and wide bold belts.
  • My favorite Holiday accent colors are red, green, royal purple, metallic gold and silver.
    No need to spend tons of money on new outfits for all your Holiday functions; you just need one or two great outfits that make you look fabulous, two pair of shoes/boots – one pair that’s FIERCE and comfortable for walking around and the other that’s FIERCE and sexy for sitting down; change-up your style with glitzy accessories and jewelry.
  • To express yourself in the most unique glamorous way, wear NAUGO jewelry and accessories like the bold pendant necklace above (approx. 3X6 inches)!
  • For jewels above and more go to www.naugo.com

November 4, 2009

Aged Chic...it's timeless

STYLE TALK– Vintage fashions (fashions from the 1920s-1980s) are always in style because current fashions are often influenced by past eras. We’ve already talked about how eighties’ style is playing a major role in recent trends, but what era of fashion influenced the eighties? For sure 1950’s circle skirts, textured sweaters, wide belts, and bold prints weighed
in heavily on the creation of eighties chic. Designers definitely like to mix it up when they are looking back to move forward; 1920s, 40s, 60s and 70s are all eras commonly looked upon for their distinctiveness. MY RULE IS THIS- To create the best looks with your vintage garb, style them with current fashions. Wearing an outfit that is 100% vintage can come off looking costumey. STYLE TIPS– You must have some vintage pieces in your wardrobe if you consider yourself to be a true fashionista. Vintage sweaters, skirts, blazers and jewelry are my favorites because they tend to hold up very well over the years if cared for properly and a good vintage shop will have a healthy selection of them. In general, vintage clothing is better constructed and made from better materials. Note that vintage clothing is sized differently and usually runs small. Based on the condition, vintage items can vary greatly in cost and prices are also determined by the popularity of an item’s era. The best thing about vintage shopping is that you can find something fabulous for a steal if you shop around at thrift stores, swap shops, vintage clothing boutiques, flea markets, yard/garage sales and trendy boutiques (that sell both vintage and new garb). Shop at www.naugo.com to buy NAUGO’s timeless hoops and other FAB jewelry or Shop NAUGO in person at Poor Little Rich Girl Vintage Shop on November 15, 2009 from 2:30-6pm located at 3393 Main Street / College Park, GA / 30337 / 404-423-9546.

October 5, 2009

Got Style?

STYLE TALK– Do you have your own style regardless of the current trends? Do your friends associate you with a certain look like whimsical, gothic, ethnic, preppy, global, vintage, etc.? I love to see someone with great style! Usually you can spot the person from across the room because she stands out. She may not be decked out in the hottest designer labels, but she definitely has flair. And you might not be caught dead in what she's wearing, but on her it works.
MY RULE IS THIS– If you are all about your own style, remember it’s cool to incorporate trendy items into your look. Have fun surfing magazines for new trends that can enhance your style or just strike you as really funky. After all, trends are inspired by the customs and cultures of people from all walks of life. But there is one area that can mess up an outfit quicker than quick- the wrong shoes! It is always good to stay current on shoe trends.
STYLE TIPS– If you haven’t already figured out what your signature look is, think about your favorite colors; your favorite era (seventies, sixties, twenties); your favorite stereo type (romantic, intellect, rocker); your favorite culture (Asian, African, European). Incorporate elements from those influences into your outfits. Fashion magazines and related coffee table books are great for ideas to help fine tune your look. Your style should highlight your attributes and not overpower your essence. Of course, you can rely on NAUGO for a wide variety of unique accessories and jewelry to accent your new found, head turning STYLE!

September 1, 2009

The In Between Time

STYLE TALK- September is the time of year we really start thinking about fall fashions. But in many parts of the country it doesn’t cool off until late October or it is warm year round.
MY RULE IS THIS Don’t be a fashion victim by wearing hot sweaters, heavy jackets and long faux fur lined boots in 70 degrees and above temperatures. It just looks crazy!

STYLE TIPS- It’s all about colors! After Labor Day you want to ease into fall fashions and the best way to do that is by wearing jewel, earth and dark colors like purple, mustard, fuchsia, burgundy, hunter green, rust, burnt orange, browns, black and off white. Also go with the darker prints and basic metallic colors (bronze, silver, gold, pewter and copper). Stick with light weight fabrics plus retire your light color sandals and other shoes and sport your darker color ones. So that you have something to look forward too hold out on wearing your long boots until late October. But if your city is warm year round or you just can’t wait because your boots are just too FIERCE don them with a funky short denim skirt or over your skinny jeans with a cute tee and fabulous NAUGO accessories! Your legs might be warm, but you will look HOT!

July 3, 2009

The Eighties - They're Back!

STYLE TALK - I guess you’ve noticed by now that eighties fashion has been easing its way back on the scene for a few years. At first it was the pointy toe shoes, then the skinny jeans followed by a version of the baby doll top and now we’re in full swing with leggings, big earrings, flats and colorful prints! I know some of you held on to your favorites...like an expensive pair of oversize earrings or a beautiful print sweater. I hope you didn’t keep those black leggings that you wore every other day. Yes the eighties were definitely EXTRA and I’m sure you would agree that some things need to stay in the past like neon colors, red shiny leather pants and the Jheri curl! The eighties were fun, zany and care free…and the music!!!! Can you say Prince, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper…OMG Madonna!! And the influence these four had on fashion: Prince had us wearing the color purple, paisley prints, and lace shirts; MJ had us in patent leather black oxfords, red leather jackets, and "the glove"; Cyndi influenced us to wear wide skirts with lots of netting underneath and Madonna caused us to lose our minds sporting hot brocade suits in the summer… BOY GEORGE! NOT even going to go there.

MY RULE IS THIS – Have fun wearing your eighties gear, but don’t over do it by wearing 100% eighties in one outfit – one or two items are enough.

STYLE TIPS – Remember this summer straight leg jeans look best with round or pointed toe flats or pumps. Watch out for the empire waist, baby doll top - it can make you look pregnant. Wear a long fitted tee that covers your butt with leggings. Beware of long tops that have bands around the bottom and blouse out. They can really make you look frumpy. And just like in the eighties, mini skirts with bare legs and pumps attract a lot of attention. Save that look for the clubs and only if you have gorgeous legs. The longer pencil skirt is just as sexy. Sport mini skirts with your cropped leggings and flats for a fun day out. If you’re really not feeling the eighties, but want to do a little something wear a big pair of fabulous earrings! There are many styles to choose from. Also take advantage of the cool print t-shirts ranging from edgy graphics with inspiring messages to floral and animal prints. The best place to shop for t-shirts and earrings is www.naugo.com. You know NAUGO has got you covered. Now let’s go crazy time after time and don’t stop ‘til you get enough creating a fun holiday everyday- whew!

March 26, 2009

TALK - To Bare All or Not & TIPS - Belts

Let me jump right in with my STYLE TALK for this week. It’s getting warm and the coats are coming off and the skin is jumping out! MY QUESTION IS THIS – How much skin should you expose?

MY RULE IS THIS – Never show it all at once. If you are going to wear a halter top with a plunging neckline, then don’t expose your belly ring, or wear a micro mini. If you’re going to wear a micro mini – don’t wear a skimpy t-shirt with your stomach out. And never ever wear a pair of skin tight jeans that show the creases of you underwear or every dimple in your butt! The bottom line is your outfit should spark curiosity in the guys not negative assumptions about you. And it should make the ladies wonder where you got it from.

Can I get some feedback? LADIES do you think I’m being old fashion and prudish? GUYS do you like it when the ladies show it all leaving nothing to the imagination?

for the ladies – Belts, belts, belts are all over the place this spring: wide, narrow, colorful, shiny, clear, animal printed, beaded and you shouldn’t be afraid to enhance your outfit or your figure wearing one. If you have a beautiful pear shape with
curvy hips and a smaller waist - wrap a super wide belt around that waist to make it look even smaller and emphasize your ultra-feminine figure. If you have a more straight athletic figure, try an eye catching, not-so-wide belt (2 & ½ - 3 inches) to give the illusion of a smaller waist and curvier hips.